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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
NYC-Philadelphia is already a single CSA in function. No decline, neutralization, or shrinkage of NYC is needed.

Areas that are much closer physically and culturally to Philadelphia and are within the Philly media market are currently included in the New York CSA (Trenton and Allentown/Lehigh Valley). Additionally, daily commuting to NYC/North Jersey for residents of Bucks County, PA (Philly suburbs) via Amtrak, Amtrak/NJ Transit, SEPTA/NJ Transit, NJ Transit (directly from Trenton), or via bus or personal vehicle is very common.
Yeah, there is no break in development between NYC and Philadelphia. You can also commute directly from Manhattan to Philadelphia on local government owned public transit.

There's probably a case to be made that a new category should be created for regions that were built around two major cities that have since fused together. It's sort of Baltimore-Washington like but more extreme.
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