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Eduardo, El Cajon that you are waiting to be approved, sinceresly saying, i do not think it is very accurate. The diagram is pretty nice, but the details were not included according the details in those photos attached:

Coordinate: 21°25'35.35"N, 104°27'4.04"W if you want to fly in Google Earth and check better.

The correct city is not Nayarit, but Santa Maria del Oro 18km away west from the Dam or the location Bracero. Please ask some editor to correct that also.

The photo in bldg card was miss-machted, probably, maybe wrong, so an editor should have to update there. If i would be yet, then i could make it better, now is too late...

Can you improve further and include those details? cause as you did, it seems a too clean barrage, which is not the most representative, but i like much you doing those type of structures, you are good on them. Of course i am here not in position to decide for the diagram unfortunatly, but i think you can improve the drawing even more to be more precise, but the quality of doing is pretty good.

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