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Found another link to a live cam overlooking the memorial and PAC site, which better shows the east plaza of 1 WTC and a north facing view towards the PAC

Apparently the fences blocking off the east plaza entrance went down, but there's no pictures from tourists taken from there yet so it might still not be open to the public. Western section of the PAC appears to have been poured over and paved with concrete, with tractor vehicles, construction cranes and delivery materials being gathered in this area.

Latest image from today (February 23, 2022) shows progress on the roof with placement of blue, black and white insulation and drainage protection boards material (according to TKDV on New York Yimby forums) and marble pavers. Some work still seems incomplete on covering the northern edge of the roof compared to the other sides of the roof.

Possible work for paving of the north end garage entrance(s) to the PAC might be in process.

Still no sign of the black granite cladding for the pedestal base of the building. Visible steel netting framework set up around the base of the PAC might be an indication of when that will start. That stage hasn't been reached yet.

Originally Posted by skcr View Post
They canceled green circle on roof?
Imo it's better that way. The green circle on the roof looked out of place and interrupted the otherwise uninterrupted flat roof surface. The absence of the interruption of the green circle makes the roof appear more massive, similar to how the old twin towers' uninterrupted vertically extending flat facade made them look more formidable. What is more regrettable imo is that the dark colored stone obelisk planned on the southeast edge of the PAC is no longer present in the newer renders. That would have made for a nice and unique landmark on the new WTC site.

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