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Originally Posted by mmikeyphilly View Post
Nice! It will be located not far from all of the Sports Arenas.
Travel Agents could promote Philly as an entertainment center too!

I just hope they BUILD THE HOTEL FIRST! And not like Sugar House.

There still is no hotel at Sugar House. What gives??
The hotel at the Live Casino is already built. It's a rehab of the existing Holiday Inn.
In addition, the existing Holiday Inn will be renovated into a luxury hotel with 200-plus rooms, according to 6ABC.
The hotel at SugarHouse? LOL. Did you really fall for that? The days of people traveling from afar to gamble (and needing a hotel room to stay in) are long gone, except for Vegas. Any casino proposal that includes a hotel should not ever be taken seriously. Except in Live's case because they're using an existing hotel, which will draw the same clientele as before - no one will be staying at that hotel for the sole purpose of gambling at Live.
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