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Originally Posted by PhilliesPhan View Post
LMAO! Great one!

...On a serious note, the Sports Complex area would be a PERFECT nightlife district, including some TOD around Pattison (AT&T) station. Huge parking lots could be redeveloped under a special "Entertainment District" rezoning. Plus, that area is well-served by 24 hour weekend service on the Broad Street Line.
I think the area could handle residential as well, forming a grid around the ballpark

also some of the warehouses are moving i believe and could be redevelopment spots, maybe an extended LRT from De Ave to the area as well but think the areas around the BSL could support development and still retain some fo the or most of the parking

Imagine apts and retail lining the street accross from the ballpark etc, maybe a roof ppol with views in etc.
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