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Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
... I don't understand why these nice enticing parts of the city don't entice even the homeless and their tents. Why don't they too take advantage of the city's expansion and move out of the older parts of town to the new horizons? ... Maybe it's simply that the city continues to put all the services in the Tenderloin and a few other spots to a lesser extent.
besides your observation about services, I think other parts of the 'answer' are:

- the homeless in the area tend to stay closer to the train station, I think because of the public restroom. (they used also to be over on Seventh and some of the side streets in Showplace Square before that area got activated with new development)

- at least some of MB has a neighborhood patrol that shoos people away from some public areas at night (I have been told I need to leave some areas before)
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