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the UCSF Psychiatry Center in Dogpatch

I guess I will throw this one in here too, this is 88 Arkansas (at 17th) in Potrero Flats, which had been a very tidy excavated hole for over a year before it finally got going

the plaza area between and behind the Uber buildings has opened. here seen from near the (soon-to-be-ex) Old Navy building, so looking at the 'back'

as can sort of be seen from the previous photo, the thru-passage is a continuation of Pierpoint Lane, the walkway that extends back to Terry Francois Blvd (the 'Embarcadero' of MB) between Old Navy and its neighbor building. (though this is still looking the other way, west, toward Third St)

in the rear area is a greenspace that actually replaces one put in maybe ten years ago, with a style that matches the overall lane. here we are on a raised ramp walkway that leads to an upper-floor rear entrance to Uber, looking back at the Old Navy building through the greenspace. an aside: as WildCowboy alluded to, I certainly remember when that Old Navy building was the only new thing (plus one block of the Commons) on the east side of Third St, for years in the early 2000s while SF recovered from the dot-com bust, a little lonely island of development.

I guess the ramps are needed because the ground floor in the back is blocked off by a fenced-in children's play area, and assume the inside is also childcare

whimsical art is scattered about...

looking back from almost the Third St side

as I got closer to Third St, so, in the narrower part of the lane between the two buildings, I noticed a definite wind-tunnel effect. I hope that is not a constant thing

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