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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
I feel like these people are fighing a war they've already lost whether or not this gets built. Do they even look out their windows at Main Street at 4:45 pm?
Have they ever driven down Main Street? At any time, day or night? It's bad enough that nothing cuts through in Ann Arbor; there aren't any serviceable side streets one could take to cut through to another street.

I think it's interesting that Ann Arbor is densifying in this manner. Ann Arbor, much like Boston, is a city owned and operated by entitled, super liberal baby boomers. Even worse, academics. If the design is good, and I say keep it old school, I'd be all for the project. But I have this fear that it's going to be another "We took this straight out of a 90's office building style"-type deal.
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