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Originally Posted by Sloper View Post
Good to see Camden getting revitalized. I just looked at real estate prices in Camden on Zillow, holy crap - now might be the perfect time to buy, renovate and flip, so cheap! Do Philly folks see the urban neighborhoods over there booming anytime soon? Is the Philly market pricing people across the river? I haven't been there in a couple decades and, well, you know how bad it was back then.
Booming, probably not, but things are definitely on the up and up. There is still plenty of existing housing stock in Philly to be revitalized (or more cynically, gentrified), so there hasn’t been as big of a push into Camden as of yet. It is probably a good long play, especially if the major institutions there continue to expand and build, and if NJ keeps giving tax breaks for companies to relocate. Keeping an eye on potential PATCO expansion with connectivity to some of the non-downtown developments will make things even more ripe for development. Caveat: I’m not a flipper, haha.

There’s some other good info folks provided up-thread as well that’s worth checking out.