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Nice shots, p.g...thanks for posting those. I can see Avalon from my work building, and it's neat to see fa├žade panels going onto the upper levels first, as shown in your first pic. Not too often you see that.

And I too like 1500 Owens...Alexandria is going with some pretty interesting architecture on a lot of their projects in Mission Bay. Reminder: Check out their site for details on their projects. They've posted some new info on and renderings of 600 and 650 Misson Rock recently.

On a related note, 1450 Owens and 600 and 650 Mission Rock are going before the Planning Commission in a few days. It doesn't mean construction will start anytime soon, but it's progress!

The Pier 70 shipyard has a new visitor, Star Princess. No camera today, or I'd post a pic or impressive ship.

And following up on my note yesterday regarding the arrival of the crane for UCSF's cardiovascular research building, steel has begun arriving. They've also installed a lift, even though it's a lift to nowhere at the moment. Screenshot from CVRB webcam:

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