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Originally Posted by BrandonJXN View Post
Looking at the site on Google Maps, there is more than enough room to add a residential component. There is nothing residential in the middle of Century City. The allure of living on top of a subway station in the middle of Century City is absolutely there.
The twin towers just built behind the hotel are residential...basically across the street from this development site. But you guys are kidding yourselves if you think the residents of these new luxury towers are going to be taking the subway. People paying millions to live in a vertical gated community on the Westside aren't going to be transit riders. For that matter, I doubt many of the office workers in CC will be, either. However, at least with those buildings, there are lots of support staff-- retail workers, security, custodial, and more junior employees that will benefit from the purple line stop. I just don't see many agents and lawyers (biggest clusters represented in CC) giving up their cars and easy, in-building parking spots to take the metro. Especially given where most of those people live.
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