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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
Southwest moves some ops to ORD for the first time ever.

Then Frontier moves some ops back to MDW, after abandoning it 7 years ago.

An odd game of airport musical chairs by the LCCs.
It is interesting that Frontier is not moving any of their international flights from ORD to MDW. I wonder if the international gates at MDW are at capacity?

If they can free up international gate space, I could also see the new Icelandic LLC (Play) flying their A320s into MDW if they choose to launch flights to Chicago. I also think MDW could be a good fit for the new Anchorage based LLC (Northern Pacific Airways) to fly their fleet of 757-200 when they finally launch.

The biggest problem with MDW is that it is bursting at the seams. Without additional gate space, there is little hope for increased services at the airport. I think Delta would benefit nicely from consolidating their operations to ORD once they relocate to Terminal 5. This could possibly free up a little gate space at MDW.
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