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So, along with LVDW, I'll accept some credit for accurately describing Jeanne's design.

The design has not really changed that much over the space of at least a year... which, I find a little troubling. I don't know if she is still giving the same "green-washing" justification for the frustums, (ridiculous), but if the plans are not executed skillfully for the apartments and hotel rooms, I think I will label this tower a total failure. (I have never seen any plans) For example, I can't wait to see how the extra SF get's configured in the hotel rooms.

Not unlike Aqua, it still appears to be a 'one-liner' without much justification except in this case, the result is not nearly as seductive.

Finally, a year ago, I thought the resolution from the relentless frustum massing to the adjacent buildings (bKL's phase II Gems and the adj condo) and the street/ground condition would have resolved itself better by now... I guess I was wrong.
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