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Originally Posted by marothisu View Post
Still a lot of room for Chicago to grow in these ways but at least it's been doing a good job. In 2018, Bridgeport was nearly 40% Asian, while McKinley Park was 25%, and Brighton Park was 8%. Archer Heights now 5%. We'll find out in a few months with the 5 year ACS what those are now but guaranteed to be more. Brighton Park is probably at least 12% now and I'm guessing Archer Heights nearing in on 10% now. The gerrymandering thing here is quite interesting..
This is a good point, even with new boundaries I'm not sure the Chinese community would form a majority since they are diluted in each of these areas except Chinatown itself (aka Armour Square).

Side note, Bridgeport is really a fascinating community, probably the most diverse neighborhood in the city (in the true sense of diverse). Large Asian community, Mexican community, white ethnics including both Irish and Italian communities and plenty of hipsters as well, even a small Black community thanks to CHA Bridgeport Homes.
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