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Originally Posted by Chi-Sky21 View Post
7K+ Chinese moving to our nations capital basically is very interesting.
It's not anymore weird than any other large metro area and large economic area. Unless you think everyone is a "spy" which i then implore you to actually learn who is coming and staying in this country because its been their dream to live and work in America. Luckily I have my wife and her friends (and some coworkers) to actually show me these things.

Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
well, that’s far from an issue unique to Chicago. Crime and job losses, etc are pretty much spiking everywhere.
Oh completely. Just saying thats one of the ideas now. There's really only a few cities in America that people in China know about. Mainly NYC, LA, Chicago, SF, DC, Las Vegas, and maybe Houston. They don't know what St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, etc is. Hell, a lot have never even heard of Miami. Their Miami is like Sanya or Haiku. Have most Americans heard of Sanya or Haikou? Nope. Their version of a Baltimore or St. Louis are small cities many people in China have never even heard of.

But also NYC with some lately has been getting a bad rap. During the beginning of the protesting, looting, etc my wife's grandpa (around 90 years old) told us to stay away from crowds in nyc because "you could be shot for no reason."

When i was in China in January, he just straight up said "everyone has a gun in America and you will get shot randomly for no reason." Thats the stereotype at least but it's based on media perception. And the stereotype is not just in Chicago, its literally everywhere...but they see Chicago as a city where it could happen the most of anywhere. And as a result, some people in China have also developed racial bias against certain groups of people in America as they draw their own conclusions about things.

Kind of a mess but yeah. They really only know about a handful of cities. Stereotype is that Chicago and NYC are full of crime (but also business and $$), LA has movie stars everywhere, SF has Mark Zuckerberg's wife, Houston is where Yao Ming was, DC has the government and Vegas is where you gamble. The average person doesn't really know of cities outside of those.

With that being said, the bad stereotypes are my wife's parents and grandparents generation. The younger generations have a dream of studying in America, staying here, and working in America. They know better as they actually live in various cities in America and know more of the reality as opposed to others back home getting their news from media. A handful of friends of my wife's had to go back after awhile due to visa issues. Although they like their country and have no problem living there, I get the sense that they all wanted to continue working here for as long as they could. My wife is really close with her parents and talks to them nearly everyday (thru WeChat - text and video chat) and even that is not enough to make her want to move back. The prospect of living and working in America even outweighs that for her.
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