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“THE 78”

May 10, 2018

-62 acres


-Roosevelt, 16th, Clark Street and the Chicago River.

-All in the 26th Ward.

-SOM Master Plan

-13 million sq ft (12.7 hudson yards on 28 acres)

-DX-5 underlying zoning

-activating the riverfront… drawn to the river… public spaces

-infrastructure moving through the site

-The Crescent Park

-100’ of riverfront setbacks with 3 separate zones

-realigning the metro tracks to the west, away from clark

-15th Street into the site under the tracks to Wells

-adding a redline at 15th and Clark

-extend lasalle street south into the site

-Discovery Institute (+100 faculty and +2,000 students)

-5 acres of public riverfront
-7 acre crescent park
-River Taxi

-$24,000,000 density bonus payment

-10,000 jobs both permanent and long-term

-20% affordable housing created by development

-950’ maximum height

-Well Street construction, sometime beginning in late july

-looking at and for infrastructure financing (public/private)
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