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Originally Posted by SdTmog View Post
The Siemensturm is still classified as "Industrial".

Whilst it was originally erected as a part of the old factory, the whole complex now houses mainly offices with a few laboratories.

The German Wikipedia page ( names it as "Bürohochhaus" (office highrise).

Therefore I guess it should be categorised as "office".
I thought I would quickly jump in and add the Building IDs and clarify a few things:
Both buildings mentioned here are used as offices. The Siemensturm and the Wernerwerkhochhaus. I think the former description of "industrial" on the Siemensturm is understandable though but doesnt reflect the current use. Oddly enough for some reason the Wernerwerk Hochhaus is currently marked as "residential", which is wrong, both historically and in its current use.

Building Uses
- office

Building Uses
- office
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