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Originally Posted by edale View Post
Outside of Toronto and Montreal, I'm always shocked at how small Canada's cities/metros are. Calgary is only 1.5m, but has a skyline of like Denver and Minneapolis put together. Canadian cities WAY over perform on urban metrics relative to their population. Vancouver being the same size as Tampa is just mindblowing.
Like most Canada/US comparison Tampa Bay cover a much larger Area than Canadian cities

Vancouver: 2.5 Million people in 2,882 Square Kilometer
Tampa Bay: 3.1 Million people in 6,616 Square kilometer

Toronto: 6.4 Million people in 5,905 Square Kilometer
Chicago: 9.6 million people in 24,815 Square Kilometer

Montreal: 4.1 million people in 4,259 Square Kilometer
Seattle: 4.0 million people in 15,209 Square Kilometer
Minneapolis: 3.7 million people in 21,000 Square Kilometer

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