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Originally Posted by SFBruin View Post
I feel that a harbor line should connect to downtown, via a Flower Street (ideally Fig, but that ship has sailed...) tunnel.

It seems to me that that would make transfers easier for riders who are not going to the part of Vermont between Exposition and Wilshire.
If the downtown connector had been built as a 4-track tunnel it would have opened many future possibilities. The same, of course, could also be said for the original heavy rail subway.

I have never been able to find official performance figures on high-platform HRT versus low-platform LRT cars. I trust that traditional high-platform HRT trains can accelerate/decelerate significantly faster than modern low-platform LRT trains, but by how much? What is the wear/tear on HRT motors and other components, which can be much larger, as opposed to much smaller LRT components? What specific compromises are made in LRT component design?

On the long existing, u/c, and planned lines in Los Angeles, the improved acceleration/deceleration times might make a decisive difference, even if the top speed is the same, since a longer distance between sequential stations can be transited at the top speed.
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