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HRT from Wilshire down to the Century Freeway (a continuation of the existing Vermont subway), then transferring to LRT and traveling on the same road southward toward the harbor a little weird (in a way that changing to the existing green line would not be, since it travels east/west). I kind of wonder if this hiccup in the mind affects people like us (map and transit nerds) more so than the general transit-riding public.

That said, a continuation of the existing red line south from Wilshire 15~ miles would be a real game-changer since many low-income riders already make at least one transfer per trip, but the long 1-seat ride would remove one transfer and so save at least 10 minutes between the lack of a best-case scenario physical transfer plus the increased speed of the train.

The blue line to Long Beach is pretty nice but we all know that if it had been built as HRT, with full grade-separation, the thing could be so much more competitive for choice riders. So they can either spend the money here to build something transformative or they can build another blue line - an improvement over buses, but not a transformative asset for the region.

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