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Update on the Vermont (South) Corridor from November. Full presentation here:

For LRT, three stations will be grade-separated. Elevated is an option, but the recommendation is subway. I don't understand why Metro is willing to consider elevated LRT, but not elevated HRT. Anyway, when combined with the North Corridor, the LRT alternative has 7 stations* that aren't subway as compared to the HRT alternative, but the LRT alternative has one extra station proposed at Redondo Beach Blvd. Seems idiotic to skip over a major arterial plus PCH (to serve Kaiser Permanente), yet have two stations at 182nd and 190th Streets. But I do like that it opens the possibility for an extension through Wilmington to CSULB.

My preference is for there to be a continuous Red Line from the SFV to the South Bay, but since there's no dedicated funding, I THINK I'd be in favor of having this as a stand-alone line provided it can be built quicker through a PPP and provisions are made to eventually join the two lines.

*Three of them are Florence, Manchester, and Century, which I think there'd be calls for grade-separation at those busy intersections like we've seen with the Crenshaw Line. In that case, there's no advantage to LRT. You save money for the South Corridor, but you completely eliminate the possibility of ever having a continuous cross-county line. Imagine a college student in NoHo being able to have a one-seat ride to CSULB.

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