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Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
Amtrack got its money in the infrastructure bill and work is already moving to bring Amtrak between Phoenix and Tucson:

They've already approved funds to rebuild the Yuma Amtrak station:

Rendering (How it looks now might as well be a train station in Iraq) :

Amtrak estimates bringing the line will take three years before operational, most of that would be stations and right of way, the rail is already in place. This will also help get the area prepped for HSR which is in the "indefinite planning" stages route approved with no money and no timeline.

The plan calls for three round trips a day, 2.5 hours phoenix to Tucson (a little longer than driving not counting traffic and future congestion)

Round Trip route

Western Regional Plan

That's interesting, most of it largely has the character of a commuter rail line. Are frequencies planned to allow for commuting? (or is some other authority going to provide commuter service?).
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