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A word of advice: I believe that it would be better if commuter (suburban rail) comes first. Use your existing lines first from Detroit to Pontiac, AnnArbor, Port Huron, etc. Next, I beleive that a heavy rail arrangement would be the best choice for Detroit. Even though I like the light rail proposal, it's too faddish, IMO. Heavy rail (either underground or elevated)
is the wise choice, connecting it w/ the People Mover, w/ service around Detroit. I'd like to make my proposal, but I'm a public computer and don't have enough time. In other words, Detroit should've had a mass transit system for the longest and it's a shame.

At least you have a better layout of your bus routes than my city, just east/west and north/south, simple. Respect for it's grid system. Same for NYC and Chicago. Just check out SEPTA's website, look up the bus woutes, and you'll see what I mean. We have the most confusing bus routes ever, IMO!!!
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