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MTA Test Drives Double-Decker Buses

Some double decker buses are being rolled into service in the city for a 35-day trial run.

Officials say the 13-foot buses are cheaper to maintain, carry more passengers, and are more efficient than the extra-long buses currently in use.

"This bus is used around the world. It does a great job in both express and local. We're try it on several routes in the city," said MTA bus president Joseph Smith. "We have to get a few trees trimmed here and there, but this bus, from an environmental standpoint, carries more people that any other."

"I think it's great. It's one of the best buses they've had so far and they've been testing a few buses out, which is good," said a New Yorker.

"It's progressive management here and I think they're really on the right track.

Buses like these disappeared from city streets in the 1950s and made only a brief return in the 70s.

The new buses will run on select routes along First, Second and Fifth Avenues in Manhattan, and they will be on Staten Island as well.
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