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Originally Posted by NYC4Life View Post

MTA Unveils "Sleep Mode" Escalators

August 11, 2008

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has unveiled a new escalator technology that will go into effect today.

The escalators are equipped with sensors, telling escalators to slow down to a crawl when no one is using them, and to speed up when a rider approaches.

The technology, which uses infrared motion sensors, aims to save on energy costs. The MTA estimates that it will save $2,000 a year.

However, some riders who spoke with NY1 said they were hesitant about the success of the new escalators.

"The escalators don't always work, so I don't know what use [the new technology] will be," said one subway rider.

"It's much better than them not working at all!" said another. "If in fact it goes really slow when I'm not on it and actually works when I'm on it, so much the better."

Transit officials also say the new machines will need less maintenance.

"The system that we just put in is going to put less wear and tear on the escalators, which is a crucial issue because we're going to a slower mode when you don't have that demand," said MTA Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Elliot "Lee" Sander.

Four stations are taking part in the pilot program. The escalators can be found at the Herald Square station, the Roosevelt Island station, the Jamaica Van Wyck station, and the Jamaica Center Parsons Archer Station.
I would have thought the stop/ start would wear the motor down more. Roosevelt island makes sense, its not that busy a station especially late night and its so deep. but Jamaica and Herald Sq seem so busy that the escalators would be running constantly anyways.
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