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Originally Posted by soleri View Post
I'm wondering if anyone else here is skeptical about Portland's chances of securing a MLB franchise. A year or so ago, I was somewhat confident. Today, not so much. The battering that our city has endured over the past year, from the opioid/homeless crisis to near-nightly riots has left our civic reputation in tatters. If there was a definitive conclusion on the horizon, I might not worry so much. While some of this is economic, the greater damage is from a pervasive alienation that makes our common project seem more like a pipe dream. When will it finally be over? No one seems to know.
Oh no, not even a little bit concerned about this when it comes to the chances of getting an MLB team. After this pandemic, the league is going to be looking to expand and they are well aware that Portland is a viable place for one of those teams. Keep in mind, MLB isn't looking at what just happened in Portland, they are looking at the city in the lens of the next several decades and if it can sustain a team. This is where the economics of the city and region really come into play which overrules anything we have seen during the pandemic.
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