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Originally Posted by Uptowner View Post
Don’t forget;

I don’t understand why people base decisions like these on amenities provided by or the conditions of separate adjacent properties as if they can’t change at any given moment. Unless the parking was provided and/or owned by the building they were buying in there was never any guarantee that this lot wouldn’t be redeveloped or done away with at some point in the future. Especially when you’re buying in a neighborhood that is rapidly growing and becoming more desirable. It reminds of when people sue because a neighboring development will change the view out their windows.
ALso the project didnt really die in 2017 because of the protest petition.. they were pursuing it until late last year until the SOHO house project became viable because Joe Jaeger agreed to sell the childrens museum.

not that its really needed but I sent a letter of support to the HDLC PLanner in charge of the project as well. Its unfortunate that people exploit the HDLC process for ends that arent to do with architectural design or massing. So if it annoys you as much as me; a Letter of Support emailed to Anna C Pernas ( always helps... typing and complaining here does nothing if you dont make your voices known.

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