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Originally Posted by sguil1 View Post
The lot has provided relatively cheap parking for nearby residents, who can get good rates by leasing space monthly. A parking garage would be largely dedicated to the hotel's guests, and any available spaces in such facilities usually charge considerably more than the current lot does.

A typical objection came from Martha Feldman Hopkins, who lives in a nearby condo. "This neighborhood, the Warehouse District, became a vibrant residential area over time as the warehouses were converted into apartments and condominiums," she wrote. "To preserve the residential character of this neighborhood, existing off-street parking must be protected."
Oh geez. Here's another example of "I love development when it benefits me. Now that I'm in, it can stop developing. Anything else is a nuisance." Get off it. Development is just that. It's going to inconvenience some, but when you reaped the benefits it inconvenienced others. Take your plate and sit down. New Orleans is growing up with or without you.
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