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Originally Posted by hammersklavier View Post
Keep in mind that this site will take at least a decade to get fully built out. To my eye, the current streetscape seems like little more than a placeholder until full buildout, and I'm fine with that.
This is a really good point that I hadn't really considered. It seemed strange that they'd go to the trouble, but especially in conjunction with your last post about how long it may take them to build out this area surrounding the new street, a "temporary road" could end up existing for a decade or more.

At some point there will only be one building constructed in this development, and it could be years before they build the second, much less build out this whole complex. So waiting to build out the street until all the buildings are built is not a realistic option. And even if a large section of this new street will be torn up during construction of the first building, most of it will likely stay intact for years. Might as well just build the whole street now if it helps them develop the first property.
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