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Originally Posted by Mr Saturn64 View Post
I don't get it. Why are so many people in this city (other cities too, but Philly seems to have it worst) so opposed to seeing their city grow? What do they have to gain from objecting to every new project proposed in the city? If NIMBYs in Philly weren't so bad, we'd have one of the best collections of skyscrapers in the whole country, and yet we have so many people that are content to settle from blandness and mediocrity.

I don't think your take on the effect so called NIMBY's has had is correct, but lets say you are right-----where would all the businesses and tenants have come from for all the skyscrapers you think would have been built? NIMBY's only get 'organized' on a case by case basis, theres no central group to turn to if one wants to stop a project. Look at all the issues surrounding Toll's project on jewelers row-----not that many people are in favor of the present project, but even then the opposition has to raise money and go to court and hope for the best.

Sure there have been a few tall buildings that haven't been built because of opposition of one form or another, but really, if some body had wanted to build an office tower at X and they were stopped I'm quite sure if they had wanted to they could have easily found another site to build on.

This is part of the problem when developer want to be's run out some pie in the sky proposal, such as this one, and apparently just because they have a concept drawing they think the world is going to bend over backwards for them. I don't think anyone gave this proposal 1 in a 100 chance of actually being built; direct your frustration elsewhere
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