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Originally Posted by jtown,man View Post
I have given up on American transit. It's horrible.

Crime, nastiness, horrible wait times, and then you get to your destination and the chances that it is a hostile pedestrian environment are extremely high.

I see no point, outside of a few cities, to even care about transit besides moving the poor horribly. The car is so much more useful for the average person. Its nice to drive to work and not have to worry about a homeless person's piss splashing around in an open bucket (saw this a few years ago) or a roving gang of teens looking for their next victim.

Sorry, until we:

Fund transit correctly
Deal with the insane cost of transit projects here
Deal with unions
Deal with crime
Deal with homeless people
Bring headways down

I see zero hope.
Originally Posted by hipster duck View Post
The region with the most progress underway right now is Toronto. This is not me being a homer - for decades we severely underbuilt what we needed given our growth rate, and now we're playing 40 years of catch-up.
Hmm, I think a big reason why Toronto doing much better in transit than a comparably dense American city (Chicago) is because inner city Toronto is much safer, cleaner, and has better schools and less homeless than inner city Chicago does. Which means Toronto proper is growing faster than Chicago proper. Which means Torontonians feel much safer walking on the streets and taking transit than Chicago. In Chicago only men might take transit alone while in Toronto everyone, including women and children, will take transit alone.

Sure, Toronto is making a lot more investments in the subway than Chicago is in the L, but why? Probably because Toronto has a massive population growth and livability that force it to expand transit while Chicago has neither.
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