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Yeah my goal right now is to gain some experience in the field I've heard from so many people in the field it's paramount to all and that includes helping being accepted into a grad real estate program. Personally I'd prefer to step into a reputable development team/company (build my capital through salary). I'm not very interested on going out on my own for awhile because obviously you're gonna be a part of bigger projects working for larger companies and don't share as much personal liability on projects, and can create a larger network.

I've been looking more at Curbed lately and noticed that the first page on many of the Chicago projects on SSP lists the developer which has helped me compile a nice list of companies beginning build again. Dream companies would definitely be a place like Related or John Buck Co. as their reps are pretty solid which would be great out of the gates. I'm just hoping it isn't impossible for somebody like me who has no experience in field per say. I guess I can only hope with the increase in construction coming up somebody will see the value in a student with passion for real estate/architecture with a skill set that includes financing, accounting, management, and marketing and I can get some vital experience before grad school.

Currently I'm a senior at SIUC studying finance w/ a specialization in real estate and a minor in accounting. Problem is there is 0 real estate down here. 2 options I'm considering to get things started on the side are like you said getting just a brokerage license online and possibly founding a student real estate organization to help me bolster my resume and talk to local people and what they do to create smaller scale developments such as new student housing, restaurants, etc.
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