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Yes, the best route seems to be business major (Finance and something) and then doing brokerage or something related until you've built up enough capital and contacts to make it on your own.

Grad school is helpful, but mainly if you want to be hired onto an existing development team. If you want to go it on your own then grad school is only worth the money if you think it will teach you something and give you additional contacts.

Personally I double majored in Finance and Economics and at a Real Estate lawyer's office for almost three of the years I was in school. At the same time I was also doing the coursework (online because it is hilariously easy) for my Broker's License and took all the licensing exams about three months after I graduated (early, after 3.5 years) from college. This basically set me up as very well qualified to nab any entry level job in RE that I wanted. I now do brokerage and consulting for industrial and commercial projects as my "day job" and run a side business of buying up and renovating multi-family properties on the side. Eventually I am going to quit my "day job" and start doing development full time, but for now I just have to settle for doing it part time. So if I can consider myself even somewhat successful in getting into development, then it sounds like you are off to a good start.

If you do decide to go to grad school the best programs in the Midwest are at Madison (as you mentioned) and Northwestern University. DePaul and several other smaller schools also have good programs, but UW and NW stand out above the rest.

If I could give you any advice at this point it would be to do everything you can to get a position in real estate BEFORE you are done with school. If you want to have it easy after your graduate, then you should be working your ass off while you are in school. Get a part time job in RE even if you have to take minimum wage or even work for free. In Real Estate experience trumps everything else on your resume.

What school are you at now?
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