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Originally Posted by ChiTownCity View Post
I do have one more question. After I graduate what kind of jobs should I be applying for? and While I'm in school right now what kind of jobs should I be trying to work at (that are entry level minimum to no experience required)? I know during my senior year it is really important to try and get an internship at firm but what about before then...
Well it's never too early to start working. Experience is key in any field, but especially in RE. You want to get out there and start learning and making contacts.

Apply for jobs anywhere in real estate because they are still hard to find. I'm partial to jobs in RE law (become an atty's assistant or something) because they give you a solid grounding in the mechanics of real estate law and how transactions work. They are also in relatively high supply. Call developers, real estate investors, anyone who is working in real estate and offer to be their assistant, work for free if you have to.

Originally Posted by jigglysquishy View Post
Kind of off topic, but I thought I'd throw the question in here anyways.

I'm currently studying Chemical Engineering in Canada. I'm kind of in conflict because I love chemistry, but I love buildings, structures, urbanity, skyscrapers etc.

Is there any way a Chemical Engineer could get a job in any kind of urban/skyscraper related field?
It's not off topic at all. Sure, you could definitely get into the field. In fact, most people working in real estate don't have a degree specializing in it. Engineering is actually pretty transferable to the world of finance and therefore real estate because it means you have a good grasp on numbers and analytical skills.
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