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Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
As much as I'm a proponent of principals


I can't see how anyone can be against them in the end.
Perhaps youre not as large a proponent of prinicpals as you think you are. Because frankly if you are, I dont see how those viewpoints are compatible.

Parkland was not established for any swinging dick with billions of dollars to do whatever they want with the land. The land is owned by the public as a reprieve from city life, and it dosent have a price tag on it for a reason. We dont have mountains in Chicago. We dont have endless ocean. We dont have pristine forests. This is it, this is what we as residents have as a salve to the insanity of living in a giant concrete jungle.

Is nothing sacred to you as long as a dollar sign is attached?

but the fact is that no one is claiming these are the only spots we can build these museums, but rather that these are the best spots to build them.
I dont remember ever being asked if this was where I thought the best spot was. I dont recall any other Chicago taxpayer being asked either. All I seem to recall is being told by people in an ivory tower that "this is what we're doing".

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