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Originally Posted by LondonParis View Post
I don't think any thread has been made for this building.
Pretty sure there was one, but it must've gotten lost cause this has been taking forever.

I just read what sounds like a relevant comment by a dweller of the district on the French forum.
He says the team and the means on site are quite small for now, so they might only be trying some test of deconstruction to avoid any problem for later phases.
I think that would make sense.

That said, we can now firmly assert the building should have disappeared by late 2018, at the latest. Once work got started for good, local engineers and workers are usually pretty fast to actually do it, aren't they?
The longest is always to make a decision once and for all; that shows investors and managers have been overly cautious or skeptical. That's annoying...

Anyway, there'll be no plan or attempt to renovate it, which is great news when a little bunch of buildings around there are in the 300-foot range. Something twice as tall like Air2 will make the cluster look much better and a bit more impressive when you stand on the esplanade.
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