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Originally Posted by chicubs111 View Post
your saying there is not enough foot traffic in that area of the loop?...I mean its not state street but its not that far off the beaten path.. Ideally if block 37 wasn't the block 37 we have now and still a blank slate they could of came up with something spectacular that could of housed a Casino, theater, and hotel and it would of just added to a more appropriate avenue like State... always missed opportunities ..smh
If there was enough foot traffic in that part of the loop then the retail space wouldn't still be vacant after over a decade on the market.

The Thompson Center site is just as good as Block 37 would have been, it has perfect transit access and could accommodate a massive mixed-use supertall with other attractions (shopping, nice restaurants, possibly an observation deck, hotel/convention space, etc.). Chinatown is the only non-loop location that could work. Remember the casino needs foot traffic and volume to drive revenue, if the taxes are too high then the payouts will be less, which will keep the degenerate gamblers in Indiana and the suburbs.
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