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DC, it helps when you post a list of buildings to name the one building pictured

This thread illustrates clearly how subjective architecture is because I consider First Canadian Place if not the worst building in Toronto, it's close, as it's devoid of any features, imagination, or ornamentation. I guess if minimalism is your thing you might like it but I sure don't. Scotia Plaza (almost as boring) is comparatively, an architectural masterpiece since they at least added something to it to try and make it palatable. Grand Harbour on the other hand has that cool bridge section between buildings which alone gives it a thumbs up. As the two tallest buildings in Toronto are your favorite, it seems that height alone is your criteria

As for Victoria's nicest building (we don't have skyscrapers here), I consider Shoal Point the nicest but many consider Sussex Place the best:

It's not until you get up close to see all the little architectural details and features that went into Shoal Point that you really appreciate it but it also explains why many of Victoria's priciest condo's are inside the building:

Sussex Place:

I have no idea which is the worst as Victoria is filled with featureless residential high-rises, any of which could qualify
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