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Originally Posted by nimshady View Post
SEPTA really needs to increase the frequency on the Manayunk/Norristown line. There is so much potential if that line acts more like a heavy rail line over commuter. If you go by station:

Temple and surroundings: Established and growing rapidly
North Broad: Potential for that huge development
Allegheny: Still will be sometime before more development reaches up there
East Falls through Conshy: All growing, dense, and very established neighborhoods
Norristown: While most people do not think of Norristown, the town is very dense and has grown by 10% from 2000 to 2010 and estimates have 5% growth from 2010-2017. Norristown is almost back at peak population so there is potential there as well.
To increase frequency you need several things- more cars, more employees, more yard space for the additional cars you procured and enough capacity on the mainline to accommodate more trains. The fact that several lines converge on the reading side makes increasing frequency of one or more of those branches complicated and potentially expensive. You are probably maxed out in terms of all the metrics I listed during every rush hour- so the best you could do is extend the hours with rush hour frequency
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