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Sitt & Thor Literally Trashing Coney Island

November 12th, 2008 · 1 Comment

These are photos of Thor Equities property in Coney Island posted to the Coney Island Message Board by Captain Nemo. Our friends at Kinetic Carnival also had a post about it yesterday. We’re not suggesting that developer Joe Sitt is dumping garbage on his property, only that it is so poorly secured and maintained that it makes a convenient spot for illegal dumping. It’s among the many reasons that so many people are so nervous about the firm having a prominent role in Coney redevelopment. Kinetic wondered if this is what an empty Astroland lot would look like next year. It underscores the point that the city needs to act fast to develop an interim plan to keep Coney Island intact between rezoning and the point at which the economy recovers to allow any significant redevelopment–which could turn out to be many, many years from now. Thor demolished the rides on this property two years ago.
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