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Originally Posted by glowrock View Post
So we now assume that the current lack of congestion on the trains is going to last forever because everyone's scared to ride the trains? Are you insane? Seriously, are you nuts? Ridership will come back, and frankly already has in many areas. Sure, ridership is down right now, has been since COVID started, but that will certainly change. I'm not against major road improvements either, as long as they're targeted in specific areas (ie: Eisenhower in the 4 lane to 3 lane choke point region, that kind of thing.)

I ride the buses a LOT. I ride the train less as I'm not going to the downtown core too often at the moment, but that will change. I'm glad to know the buses are being replaced with new stock as well.

Anyhow, I'm honestly done with this thread. Everyone seems to have their hearts set on a number of improvements that are either completely unfunded, haven't even begun their environmental/planning studies or are just pipe dreams, all while shitting all over improvements that ARE being made.

Aaron (Glowrock)
Not sure why you always have to get so worked up all of the time, but yes of course I am serious. Facts matter.

Ridership is WAY down, nobody in leadership is willing to confront the realities of accepting COVID as endemic (if they did, maybe more people would wake up and be willing to ride the trains more), and WFH is essentially a semi-permanent state of affairs, if not permanent altogether.

Improvements in the internet is an infrastructure investment, a HUGE one, that is making rail transit somewhat obsolete. Technology tends to do that. People will still ride trains, but far fewer people will be doing it than pre-COVID. I don't think daily CTA rail ridership will ever again reach where it was prior to 2020.
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