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I'm in favor of replacing the Gas Tax with a Mileage Tax which would be more fair in applying the true expense of our road network to the users. Isn't that the height of libertarian thought? Obviously shippers and heavy commercial users have a different rate than smaller vehicles based on GVW.

It would have an interesting side effect of testing vehicle owners on their self reporting of mileage use for business to the IRS. Right now their is a HUGE incentive to report a high number for business mileage. 60 cents a mile. So 100K miles nets $60,000 tax deduction for business use of vehicle/s, This includes Fuel used (basically a rebate on gas consumption), maintenance and vehicle depreciation.

Business and individuals that claim the mileage deduction are getting reimbursed on their fuel tax! A mileage tax would appropriate a fair tax on the largest users of the road network and would be self reported to the same degree that the vehicle mileage use is used. Line 17: what is your vehicle mileage for business? Ok here is your deduction for depreciation and here is your road use tax.

Alternately it could easily be verified through the now ubiquitous application of vehicle GPS systems.
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