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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
Yes we do. We just invest it in things that a LOT of taxpayers actually use (roads), as opposed to things that most people don’t use (trains)

And due to this perpetual overreaction to Covid, that is now a permanent state of affairs.

How often do you personally ride the L? You live in Chicago.

That’s an expensive as hell system to maintain, and only makes sense when a massive number of people ride it a LOT. CTA trains are half empty. Meanwhile roads everywhere are congested
0) This is a transit thread, read the room.

1) Trains and buses are often crowded. They're not always, but neither are roads. I look outside my window and see no congestion right now... way more people walking than driving and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more people transported by the bus lane than by private vehicles. It's true that CTA ridership is at 50% of 2019 levels, but it's still pretty crowded... (it was just overwhelmingly crowded at peak times before).

2) Where are you planning on putting the roads exactly?

3) Cars destroy the environment (even electric cars), the fewer people own cars the better, and for those who do own cars, we should do everything we can to discourage driving. We should be taxing vehicles at least 50 cents / mile-ton driven (revenue neutral, offset by reductions in other taxes).
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