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Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
Nope, building heavy rail to an area already served by Metra electric that is one of the lowest density parts of the city is a waste of money plain and simple. The correct way to invest would be to improve existing infrastructure that could be realtively easily improved.

This area is not low density because there is no transit, it's low density because it's far as fuck from downtown. If your logic that transit access causes higher density were correct, then the Kostner Pink Line wouldn't have the lowest daily boarding's in the city and be surrounded by massively disinvested brownfields. It's one of the most recently rebuilt lines in the city, why is it running four car trains? Where is all the TOD you suggest would just sprout up overnight?

I wish it were that simple, but it's not. This is $2 billion being flushed down the drain for virtue signaling reasons. It's being built because "it's equitable", not because it's logical:

Very unfortunate, but this is the world we live in now. It would be far more equitable to put the Jackson Park Branch back up or improve service to South Shore with some kind of Grey line situation, you know, places people actually live on the South Side.

Plus look at the vacant fields around so many of our Green Line stations

And the fact that a black Bishop decided that an entire branch of the Green Line just wasn’t worth keeping and had it demolished. Somehow getting to all those “high paying” jobs downtown didn’t end up being too important there.

Building transit stations only works as an economic tool in specific situations. It’s mentally lazy to assume that it will always lead to good returns in all situations.

Sorry peeps, but other than an infill station or two in some up and coming boom areas, the CTA rail system has NO BUSINESS expanding. What’s needed is better connectivity, density, and practicality of use
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