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[QUOTE=marothisu;9462688]Lol..... the 95th Street Red Line stop had 2.8+ million paid station entries in 2019 and over 3 million in 2018. That was more than the Addison Red Line stop had, next to Wrigley Field, in the same years and also more than Clark/Division. Idk - someone want to explain how the 95th street station has more paid station in a year than the stop right next to Wrigley Field and some downtown?

You're misreading the data. The 95th stop is the end of the line, so it draws riders from everywhere south, east, and west. (That's NOT the case for Addison or Clark/Division.) Extending the line a few miles south will only capture a very small percentage of those 2.8-3.0 million riders and I doubt that there would be any meaningful increase in total ridership.
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