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Amtrak Milw Airport 2nd platform $5mil FRA grant

WiDot gets $5 mil grant. The 2nd platform is one of the requirements to increase service on the Hiawatha route. right now all Amtrak trins must use the eastern platform making a 10 mile segment 'single track'. The 2nd platform will allow 2 way directional service at the MKE airport station.

FRA Wisconsin – Milwaukee Airport Rail Station Second Platform Project

(Up to $5,050,000)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

The proposed project will construct a second platform at the Milwaukee Airport Rail Station, as well as elevator towers and an overhead pedestrian bridge to connect the new platform to the station. The station’s existing, single platform configuration forces both eastbound and westbound Amtrak trains to use the eastern main track to serve passengers, rather than using both tracks, which results in congestion for both passenger and CP freight trains. The new platform will improve fluidity in the corridor by enabling trains to operate on both main tracks and meet in a 10.7-mile segment of track surrounding the station, which will improve schedule flexibility and reliability. The project will also improve safety and access for passengers with disabilities by eliminating the use of an emergency platform.

Updated: Friday, February 8, 2019
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