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Originally Posted by pilsenarch View Post
What "infrastructure improvements" might need to be made as a result of another red herring traffic study specifically? With the exception of tinkering with dedicated turn lanes, etc. there is really nothing that could or should be done...
If there is nothing that might need to be done, why does the current zoning require a new traffic study before Phase 2 of Wolf Point goes forward? If something needs to be done concerning pedestrian, bike and vehicle traffic and nothing can be done, maybe the current allowed density prohibits safe or reasonable access to WP?

But, I happen to think something can always be done. Bike lanes can be relocated. A subway and pedestrian (and bike?) tunnel can be dug under the Confluence from River Point to Wolf Point. The Kinzie Street upramp to Orleans can be re-opened. Car traffic can be allowed into WP from Kinzie and lower Orleans Street (currently prohibited in the PD zoning). Metra tracks at Canal and/or Clilnton could be lowered to go under one or both. The old RR bridge at Carroll Street can be retrofitted to provide access from Canal or Clinton. Those are just a few options that come to mind.

Why not wait for the new traffic study to be released before maintaining that nothing could or should be done?
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