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Where Latinos exist, they are largely a mix between Mexican and another group or just outright Mexican, in any city that is not on the I-95 corridor:

All major non-western cities that are not on the I-95 corridor:

Atlanta: Mexican, Central American particularly El Salvadoreno, and Caribbean
Cleveland: Puerto Rican and Mexican
Chicago: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, others
Milwaukee: Mexican
Indianapolis: Mexican
Columbus: Mexican and Puerto Rican
Detroit: Mexican (huge dating back to the 20s and 40s, one of the hardest hit by forced repatriation during the 20s and 30s)
Minneapolis: Mexican and Ecuadorian
Kansas City: Mexican and Central American, particularly Guatemalan and El Salvadoreno
Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Cincinnati have negligible Hispanic/Latino populations.

Anyone know what Tampa’s large Hispanic community consists of?
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