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Originally Posted by Robert Pence View Post
Pope, you/ve always been cool; you didn't need gear to achieve it. However, you made some cool choices.

People express varied opinions about the 18-200mm VR lens. Speaking from experience - I used one on a D200 for a couple of years - I considered mine very useful. It gave me clear, sharp photos in a lot of different lighting situations and working conditions, and in addition to offering convenience, its performance far exceeded what I thought I could expect from such a wide-range zoom.
Yeah, it had been a few years living with my "higher-end" P&S, finally decided to upgrade. A lot of review sites called the 18-200mm a great all around lens, so it was my first. Any barrel distortion at the lower end i've encountered has easily been compensated during post-op. Also, recently acquired the 35 prime to compliment it on the lower end. So far no complaints with the tag team, but I haven't had that much time with any of them yet. Maybe i'll post something for the first time in a long time soon...
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