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^ Well I think in regards to the casino its more of a "if you build it they will come" .. the foot traffic will be there if the attraction is there.. This is right in the heart of downtown where all the tourist who come to visit this city pass by at some point so where not talking about tourists having to go way out of there way to get there... I think block 37 site would of been better because its more inline to the state street theme of entertainment and shopping corridor where is the thompson center area is more straight up office/city/government space. But it can work at Thompson center as well if done right.

(just confirming were talking about the thompson center area vs block 37 area?...i reread your comment and i thought you were saying not enough foot traffic at Thompson center but your saying trump tower retail area which i didnt even think was a possible location for casino...but yes your correct that trumps space is way to small and just odd location for casino anyway)
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